How to Make Her Realise She’s Not Over the Hill Yet with 40th Birthday Gifts for Her

Are you one of those who believe that life begins at 40? Or are you thinking that reaching forty means you’re over the hill? Whichever one you believe doesn’t matter because it’s how the birthday girl feels about the event that’s most important. But however you look at it the simple fact that reaching such a milestone in her life is worthy of a gift.

40th birthday gift ideasYou’re probably thinking that this is going to be a bit of a challenge, finding the perfect gift for your wife, mom, sister, girlfriend or any other female you care about. But pull yourself together. It’s not going to be hard at all because we’re here to help. We agree there are possibly way too many options which is one reason we’ll be narrowing down the field. That way finding 40th birthday gifts will be much easier.

Time to celebrate the occasion with 40th birthday gift ideas

Is the lady you’re buying the gift for telling you not to bother? Don’t believe her because it’s really not true. Any female who says she doesn’t want 40th birthday presents isn’t being honest with herself. Or she might be hoping that getting no gifts on her birthday will make it go away. And she can stay 39 for another 12 months and hopefully a little longer.

By the time a female is looking at celebrating a fortieth birthday there probably isn’t anything that she really needs. So you can take the opportunity to give her the gift of an experience. Her family responsibilities are greatly reduced and she can afford to live life a little dangerously. It could be something she can tick off her bucket list, something she’s always wanted to try or an activity related to one of her hobbies.

On offer are:

  • Dining experiences – Whatever style of food she loves to eat there’s a dining experience to suit her. Dining on the water, at a medieval banquet, a top rated restaurant or at an iconic location are just a few of the options. You can even book a chef for the day and serve up some tasty delights in the comfort of her own home. You might even consider booking cooking classes for her, so she can learn some new techniques.
  • spa gift for herSpa breaks – 40th birthday presents that include the chance to relax and feel invigorated will always be well received. If there’s a top class spa facility close to where she lives then book her a day full of energising treatments. There could be pool facilities, steam rooms, jacuzzi’s, saunas, and a whole host of treatments. She’ll be able to spend the day letting the worries of the world drift away and return home completely energized and ready to tackle the next decade.
  • A track day – If the birthday girl would love the thrill of driving a fast car then book her a track day so she can get behind the wheel of an iconic sports car. Or she might prefer to learn how to drag race or drifting. There will be a professional instructor on hand to help and offer guidance and to make sure everyone stays safe.
  • A day out in the city – Why not take your lady shopping, or give her some cash so she can go shopping with her friends? Possibly not the most imaginative of gifts but we’re pretty sure she’ll have a good time. After all, what’s not to like? She’s got some cash, the day to spend shopping and the company of her best friends.

If you’d prefer your gift to be something a little more tangible, and a gift you can see her enjoying on more than one occasion then here’s some 40th birthday gift ideas.

40th birthday gifts for women that show you’ve got an imagination

An important consideration when looking for 40th birthday gifts is how the female feels about reaching such a milestone. Not all females will be feeling joy. Some might feel that they’re over the hill and nothing much is going to happen in the future. For some life will be just beginning and that’s understandable also. After all the kids have flown the nest, hopefully, and it’s time for her to think about herself. For all these scenarios, the gift of an experience is perfect but for more material 40th birthday presents keep reading.

  • blue pendant in gold heart themeSilk pyjamas
  • Update her technology
  • A set of novels by her favourite author
  • A stylish handbag
  • A new pair of shoes
  • An original painting
  • A pendant made from her birthstone

As you may now realise, buying 40th birthday gifts isn’t as difficult as you might think. There are lots of options to suit all tastes and style. The only problem is finding the right one, but with all our tips you’ll not have a problem. This 40th birthday will be the best one yet.