Make Her Diamond Birthday Special with 60th Birthday Gifts

You’re facing one of your greatest gift giving challenges. Finding a 60th birthday gift for her that will match such an important milestone in her life. How many years have you known her now? Certainly enough to know her better than anyone, which makes you already ahead of the pack. Queen Victoria enjoyed a spectacular celebration to mark her 60 years on the throne and it’s time to make your special lady feel like a queen for the day. In China and Japan a 60th birthday is considered to be a time of rebirth, because it marks five cycles through their zodiac. Hindus also consider it an important time of rebirth.

Retirement is just around the corner for a lady about to celebrate entering the sixth decade so she’s already looking to enjoy more free time. What kind of 60th birthday presents suit a lady? Time for a few of your options.

Make her day special with your 60th birthday gift ideas

60th birthday giftIt’s time for reflection when a 60th birthday is coming, and we don’t just mean looking at the past. There are plenty of experiences still waiting to be enjoyed so it’s a time for contemplating the future. 60th birthday gifts for women should give them the opportunity to try something different, and maybe even tick an item on their bucket list. She’s already got everything she could possibly need, and may even be looking to downsize or declutter. So something for the home is not going to be welcome or indeed found a place.

Instead try one of the following ideas that are meant to compliment the event.

Give her a unique experience – Giving the birthday girl an unforgettable experience will be an awesome 60th birthday gift for her. There are a number of online sites that offer this kind of gift, and there are activities and experiences available across Canada. Let’s look at some of what’s on offer:

  • Treat her to a tour of a vineyard and tasting – There are several successful vineyards dotted across Canada, and many of them are only too happy to show around interested parties. She’ll be able to learn about her favourite bottle of plonk and also try some new varieties. There are also many vineyards that have places to eat, so you can see what wines compliment your meal.
  • gift ideaDancing lessons – Even if she’s got two left feet she’ll enjoy tripping the light fantastic and learning some new steps. With the services of a professional dancing instructor she’s soon be foxtrotting or salsa-ing her socks off.
  • Helicopter flight – This experience can be booked in a number of Canadian cities, depending on where you live. To see the view from hundreds of feet up will take her breath away.
  • A wintry sleigh ride – Even if her birthday doesn’t fall when there’s snow on the ground, this experience will give her something to look forward to. Driving through a winter scene in a horse draw carriage will brighten up a winter’s day.

What if you’re looking for a gift for your mom? Is it any different? Let’s give you a few birthday present ideas for this very important lady.

60th birthday gifts ideas for your mom

You might to do things a little different for your mom. Time to look for unusual 60th birthday gifts that she’s going to treasure for many years to come. Why not give the gift of a memory, in the form of a birthday bash? Invite all her friends, both near and far, and show her how special she is to them all. If she’s more of a low-key kind of lady, go round to hers and cook her dinner. Or book a table at a quiet restaurant and invite a few close friends and family. If your culinary skills are a little lacking you could always book the services of a professional chef for the day.

Why not take her out to enjoy a show or listen to a live music concert? While Black Sabbath might not be quite her thing there’s bound to be something she likes nearby. Check online and see if there are any of her favourite performers appearing locally and order tickets. You could always make a weekend of it and book a couple of nights in a top class hotel.

Whatever your relationship with the 60th birthday girl, there are plenty of adventurous, entertaining, exciting, sentimental and many other kinds of gifts that will brighten up her day. The lady you’re buying the gift for will appreciate the effort you put into choosing her 60th birthday presents. So don;t miss such a valuable opportunity to show her how proud you are of her and how much you consider her a friend, as well as someone you’ve loved for many years.