How to Surprise Her with Awesome Birthday Gift Ideas for a Girlfriend

Birthdays are a great occasion, and the perfect excuse for a celebration and the giving of gifts. It’s one day in the year the birthday girl can call her own, and only natural she should be expecting a superb gift from her boyfriend. It’s highly probable she’s been making a list for months before the event and safely storing it in her head to see if you manage to pick anything on it. Just remember she’s going to remember and think highly of the person who buys the most perfect birthday gift for her. And that’s why we’re here to help you with some cute, sweet, cool and unusual ideas.

Birthday gifts for a girlfriend that she’ll treasure

It can be a tough challenge picking a gift for your girlfriend, especially if your relationship is still fairly new. Let’s come to the rescue with some pretty neat ideas.

  • gifts for a girlfriendA bouquet of candy – What do girls like? Candy, chocolate and flowers feature high on the list. And what better way to combine them than with a bouquet of chocolate and candy? This innovative idea is one you can make yourself. Make a bouquet entirely out of chocolate and candy bars, or make a flower bouquet and dot it with tasty treats.
  • Some quality time away – This isn’t suitable for everyone but will be perfect if your relationship is long-standing and you’ve got the money to lavish on your favourite lady. Spend some time with her away from the normal routine and lavish her with love and attention. If your budget is a little restricted, take a vacation closer to home or enjoy some downtime together in your own home.
    Quality time with her boyfriend means she gets to enjoy time out from the mundane routine and spend precious time with you in a more relaxed atmosphere.
  • A romantic date – Buy her a little black dress and leave it on her bed with a note that says “Meet me at 7 o’clock outside your house wearing this”. How romantic a gesture will that be? Her heart will already be melting, but then you turn up and take her out to dinner at a cosy little restaurant she’s going to be weak at the knees. It doesn’t have to be a fancy restaurant, just one that serves tasty food and a good bottle of wine.
  • An item of jewellery – Giving your girlfriend jewellery for her birthday is a sure fire way to find your way into her heart. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or costly but the best birthday gift for a girlfriend will be something that is thoughtful. Your options are endless, whether you decide on a cute necklace, dainty earrings or a bracelet made from her birthstone. You just need to find the piece you know she’ll want to wear.
  • Something to wear – Buying your girlfriend clothing, shoes or
    accessories is a brave move to make, but get it right and your girlfriend will remember this gift long into the future. Every time she wears it in fact. Put some extra thought into the gift rather than just buying her a pair of trousers or a new top. Buy her a stylish bag and then fill it with several items and shoes to compliment the outfit.
  • Give her a happy birthday week – The idea with this girlfriends birthday gift is to celebrate for a whole week, rather than just on one day. Send or give her a gift every day in the runup to her birthday, sending her better gifts as her birthday gets closer. Start off with small tokens of your affection such as homemade cupcakes, books, a bracelet or a love letter. And how about a surprise party on the day of her birthday?
  • white rose pendantA gift that’s personalized – There aren’t many gifts to top one that’s been personalized. It will always add a warm and personal touch to any birthday gifts for a girlfriend. Buying such a gift has become really easy and there are a wealth of online sites happy to personalize all kinds of gifts. You can choose a personalized painting, an item of jewellery, even a t-shirt with a humorous message.
  • She deserves a break – She works hard and tirelessly so surely she deserves a break on her birthday. And what better option than to book her in for some relaxing treatments at a local spa? Book this birthday gift for your girlfriend the day before her birthday, so she doesn’t get to miss all those birthday wishes and feels relaxed and rejuvenated on her special day.

With a few ideas it’s time to give you some helpful tips on choosing the right birthday gift for your sweetheart.

How to pick the best birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend

We’ve already looked at a few good ideas for a girlfriends birthday gift, now it’s time to give you some advice on picking the best one for your beloved.

Pay attention to her preferences, personal taste and style – That way you can be sure your birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend won’t be left in a drawer to gather dust.

  • birthday gift idea for your girlfriendListen to what she says – In the run up to her birthday it’s very likely she’ll be dropping hints about the kind of gifts she’d prefer. If you’re not listening you’re missing a golden opportunity.
  • You don’t need to spend a fortune – A big price tag doesn’t guarantee success. Sometimes a gift costing nothing at all will mean far more to that special lady in your life. It all hinges on the thought that goes with the gift and any special meaning.
  • Gifts don’t have to be material – Doing something memorable with your girlfriend can be a special kind of birthday gift.
  • Don’t start shopping without some kind of idea – Do this and you’ll only be wasting your time. And probably end up picking a gift you’re not sure she’ll like and then worrying whether it was a big mistake.

Birthday’s are a very special occasion that only come round once a year. Get a birthday gift for your girlfriend that’s just right and you’ll be reaping the rewards for the rest of the year.