How to Make Choosing Birthday Gifts for Her a Walk in the Park

How many times have you found yourself struggling over finding the perfect gift for one of those gorgeous ladies in your life? Never? Well quite frankly we don’t believe you. We’ve all got, at the very least, one or two special females who deserve nothing but the best. The problem raises its ugly head when you spend days and sometimes weeks deliberating all the options and end up with no time left and a completely random choice of gift. Which means you’ve not done yourself any favours, and possibly done more harm than good.

Birthday Gifts for HerThere is a better way to deal with the dilemma of finding perfect birthday gifts for women, and now that you’ve found your way here you’re already off to a brilliant start. First let’s put your mind at ease and let you know that you’re not in the minority. There are countless men and women that find choosing the best birthday gifts for her a little complicated. And it doesn’t matter who the recipient is. It could be your wife, girlfriend, mom, sister, aunt, niece, or BFF. The problem is the same. Where to start your quest, and how to pick the best birthday gifts for her from the many thousands.

You’ll be pleased to know that our intention is to make things much easier, and with some helpful tips and useful suggestions you’ll soon find plenty of cool birthday gifts for all those ladies.

How to pick the best birthday gift ideas for her

Working yourself up into a lather isn’t worth it. In fact it’s more than a little counter-productive. Much better to sit yourself down, have a drink and keep reading. We’ve already said that choosing birthday gifts for her can be a walk in the park, and with our help you’ll soon be enjoying the fresh air and the sunshine. Here are a few simple rules to get you started.

First decide on a budget
Deciding on your budget is a very important first step. By considering how much you can afford to spend your gift choices will be greatly reduced. Just a few hundred rather than thousands. Setting yourself an affordable budget of say $50, means you don’t have to worry about items with a big price tag. And the brilliant thing about looking for birthday gift ideas for women online is that you can tailor your search parameters to only include items within your budget. A big screen TV, extravagant jewellery or an expensive item of clothing won’t even get a mention when you refine your search.

The needs of the recipient are important
You’ll find your gift buying a touch easier if you bear the recipients needs in mind. Maybe she’s just set up home somewhere new and some homeware would be the perfect answer. If she’s about to leave home and attend university, something for her studies may come in handy. If she’s struggling financially then a spot of cash could possibly be the best birthday treat.

Does she have a hobby or interest?
You’ll find your prayers answered if the lady in question has a hobby, or something that’s she’s particularly interested in. Choosing a gift with relevance to something she likes doing is perfect for coming up with the best birthday gift ideas for her. If she’s an avid reader then the gift of an e-reader might be an interesting gift. If she loves keeping fit at the gym you should consider some new trainers, sports bag or exercise equipment. And if there’s a favourite team she follows you might want to buy her a team jersey.

Give sentimental birthday gifts with a personal touch
You can always make birthday gifts for women far more special if you add a personal touch. It’s very likely you’ve shared some memorable moments and there have been times you’ve enjoyed doing certain things together, so find a gift that relates to these times. It doesn’t only have to be sentimental ones, they could be humorous, embarrassing or romantic. Your gift should reflect these moments in time.

How about her favourite foods?
There aren’t many people who don’t have a particular plate or style of food they love eating. So find a gift that will cater to her taste. It could be a dinner date at an authentic restaurant or you could try your hand at cooking at home. You could even book the services of your own personal chef for the evening, so you can relax and enjoy the experience together.

Try your hand at a homemade gift
It doesn’t always have to involve spending lots of money if you’re looking for birthday gifts for women. Something made with your own fair hand is a birthday gift sure to touch her heart. The truth is she may well prefer a handcrafted gift over a generic gift you bought from a store. Make a collage using some of your photograph collection, compile a playlist of favourite tunes, knit her a scarf or blanket, or craft a decorated vase.

All these questions and tips are worth bearing in mind when you’re looking for birthday gift ideas for her. If you’ve got the answers and follow our guidance all your gifts will be treasured, not just in the moment but for many years to come.

Birthday gift ideas for girlfriends and wives

Buying birthday presents for wives and girlfriends is really no different than for any other female recipient. The gift should be within your budget and something you know they’ll enjoy. The only real difference is your gift will come laden with far more emotion. Any personalized or unique gift will make them feel really special. Try out one of the following suggestions:

  • blue_earringsJewellery – Watch the sparkle in her eyes when she pulls back the wrapping paper and a beautiful necklace, earrings, bracelet or ring is revealed. Include her birthday gemstone to make the item even more precious.
  • A hamper filled with treats – With this birthday gift let your imagination go wild. Beauty products, DVD’s, CD’s, tasty treats, favourite tipples, and anything else you know she’ll find useful are perfect for filling your gift basket.
  • A relaxing day at a spa – All the ladies love a chance to be pampered and feel like royalty. This birthday book her in for some relaxing treatments at your local spa. When she finished she’ll be floating on air.
  • A gift that’s precious – A piece of original artwork or an antique.

Moving on with birthday gift ideas for women let’s look at some options for your dear mom.

Birthday gifts your mom will be proud of

If you want to show her how much you care about her then a precious birthday gift for mom is one possible solution. If you no longer love at home then one of the coolest birthday gifts will be the gift of your time. Take the day off work, if possible, and devote your day to doing things with her. Take her shopping, pop into the cinema and watch her favourite movie, take her out for dinner, or just spend the day relaxing. If you want to add a gift to make the occasion even more memorable why not try one of the following ideas:

  • Birthday giftsGive her a book – Books will always remain a firm favourite when you’re looking for birthday gifts. Men love a good read and so do the ladies. See whether you can find one that’s connected with a favourite pastime, or the latest novel written by her favourite author.
  • Cook her a meal – Think about all the dinners and cakes she’s made for you in the past. Show how much you’ve learnt from her by cooking her dinner or baking her a birthday cake.
  • Organise a birthday get-together – When your mom is about to celebrate her birthday see if you can organise a surprise party. Invite all her old friends and family members, and see if you can include those she seldom gets to see.
  • Pamper treatments – All those years she spent looking after you and seldom had the time to take care of herself, a great way to spend her birthday would be enjoying some long overdue pamper treatments.

Birthday gifts for your BFF

Your BFF is the one your spend your spare time with and it’s only right that your gift should be the best you can find. The birthday gift you choose for her should stand out from all the others and show how much you value her friendship. Spend your time looking at all the choices and pick wisely. That way your gift will be one to remember. Here are a few suggestions.

  • The gift of an experience – Indulge her with a gift that can be enjoyed any time, not just on her birthday. Give her a voucher she can spend when she feels like a massage or beauty treatment. Buy her tickets for the movies, music concert or play.
  • Cook her dinner – Spend some time in the kitchen creating her favourite dishes and then invite her round for the evening. Try and pick dishes that won’t mean you spend the evening slaving over a hot stove, because enjoying your company over the dinner table will add to the value of your gift.
  • Give her a homemade gift – Make a collage and fill it with photographs to remind her of your special friendship. Burn off a CD with all her favourite tunes. Buy some plain t-shirts and decorate them with some funny quotes or try your hand at tie-dying.

With all these helpful suggestions you should be well armed for the next birthday event. But why is it important to give your loved ones gifts for their birthday?

Giving gifts makes you feel good too

When it comes to giving gifts the benefits and enjoyment of the recipient are always the first things that come to mind. Bet you didn’t realise that giving gifts is beneficial for you too.

gift for her birthdayThe giving of gifts has been the subject of many studies, particularly when looking at human behaviour. Psychologists, economists, anthropologists and of course marketers have all been interested in this vital part of human interaction. Gifts help to define a relationship and make the bonds stronger between family and friends. It’s all too easy to take the easy route and opt out of giving but you might be interested to know that it’s often the giver of the gift who reaps the biggest psychological benefit.

Giving has social value and this has been recognized throughout history. Some of the world’s native cultures engage in a ceremony called potlatch. A complex ceremony that celebrates extreme giving. The status of a family will often be dictated not by how much they own but by how much they give away. More prestige is gained with more lavish gifts.

Some researchers say that evolution may have had a part to play in gift giving. The most generous males would have had more success with the ladies, and women who were skilled at giving would be more successful at being the family provider.

Giving gifts to others reinforces our feelings for them and in turn make us feel caring and effective. The people who feature on your gift list are usually the most important people in your life.

If you want to know more about the psychology behind gift giving you might want to read a recent study by Virginia Commonwealth University. They looked at the giving of gifts by pet owners. What makes these gifts so interesting is that there is no expectation of receiving a gift in return. It offers a good insight into the self-serving nature of giving.

Finding cool birthday gifts, memorable birthday gifts, humorous, sentimental or frivolous birthday gifts shouldn’t keep you awake at night. However, we understand how all the choices can leave you confused and a little daunted. Just take a deep breath and relax because you’re not on your own. Keep reading and we’ll give you plenty of hints and ideas. The gift you choose this year will the first of many that completely bowl her over.