One of a Kind Birthday Gifts for Her and How to Find Them

When it comes to birthday gifts for women what’s going to be your primary concern? We bet you want your gift to dazzle and amaze her. But it’s pretty certain you’re looking for birthday gifts for her that will be perfect and in accordance with the relationship you share. It also has to match the occasion, her taste, preferences and of course your budget.

unique Gifts for HerWhen you put it like that it does seem rather complicated. But don’t worry because it can be really easy. Especially if you’ve got some help, which is exactly why we’re here. Before you head off to the stores or click on a few of the various online gift sites, ask yourself a few questions. With the answers straight in your head, you’ll be well prepared to start looking for unique birthday gifts for her.

What do you want to convey with your gift?
Well obviously you want to be wishing her Happy Birthday, but are you trying to say anything else? Not all gifts are equal, and they can all convey different emotions. Do you want your gift to say “I love you”, or are you looking for a gift that says something more on the lines of “I’m so proud of you”. If you analyse your situation it’ll help you choose the most perfect gift.

Who is the intended recipient?
Buying a gift for a woman who means alot to you will be different than buying one for your best friend. In order to help with the choosing you’ll need to do some careful research. Find out about her interests, taste, style and preferences. Any help you can get in finding unique birthday gifts for her is sure to be welcome.

Why is it a unique gift you’re searching?
Unique gifts cement a relationship and clearly show the recipient how much you care. Anybody can nip down to the store and pick a generic gift to give for a birthday. But it takes a special kind of relationship to be able to pick something more personal.

With the answers to these questions it’s time to give you some unique ideas for birthday gifts for women who are special to you.

Make her smile with a unique birthday gift

Ladies love to receive gifts from their loved ones. Birthday celebrations are an excellent opportunity to show your wife, girlfriend, mom, or best friend, what a special place they have in your heart. Sadly, a lot of pressure is often placed on the gift giver. We think it’s not intentional, but nevertheless it still happens.

Finding a gift for her that’s completely unique is going to be virtually impossible. Unless that is, there’s no bottom to your wallet. Gifts for a birthday, come in all shapes and sizes, but are on the whole pretty similar. Your challenge is to find something just a little bit different, or think of a way you make those more common gifts stand out from the crowd.

Why not consider one of the following:

  • A unique piece of jewellery – Does she have a favourite precious metal? Does she prefer to wear a certain kind or style of jewellery? Some ladies prefer a more classic look, while other prefer their jewellery to be all sparkles and bright colours. Don’t forget there are certain gemstones that are associated with birthdays, and you should check what stone is suggested for the month of her birthday. But why don’t we save you the worry and give you the list?
  • Birthday gemstones:
    January: Garnet
    February: Amethyst
    March: Aquamarine, bloodstone
    April: Diamond
    May: Emerald
    June: Pearl, moonstone, alexandrite
    July: Ruby
    August: Peridot
    September: Sapphire
    October: Opal, tourmaline
    November: Topaz, citrine
    December: Turquoise, zircon, tanzanite
  • Beauty treatments tailored to her needs – A day of being pampered will make your special lady feel so very special. When she leaves she’ll be walking on air. Most beauty treatment centres and spas offer a selection of packages. Everything she needs to make her feel special is included in the price. Otherwise pick some individual treatments that you know she’ll enjoy. A new hairstyle, makeover, massage, facial or pedicure – whatever makes her feel good about herself.
  • Personalized or handmade – If you make the gift yourself it’s definitely going to make your birthday gift unique. And the good news is you don’t have to be a master craftsperson. There are heaps of ideas on the internet that only require a little effort and a few basic materials. Most sites have illustrations as well as clear instructions, so why not give it a go. If you want to add some personalization, either in the form of an engraving, or personal details, even the most generic gift can be made totally unique.

The gift of an experience will be totally unique

There are a number of different companies offering a chance for the birthday girl to enjoy an experience. Unforgettable experiences are on offer across Canada, or wherever you live. You might be wondering what kind of experiences are available, so let’s give you a little taster:

  • adventure giftOff roading in an adventure buggy – After an initial instruction session she’ll be able to head out on a trail, and experience the thrill of driving through the forest.
  • Treetop trekking – She’ll be able to try Tarzan swings, zip lines, wobbly bridges and many other challenging games while travelling through the treetops of a majestic forest.
  • Flying lessons – Is she up for the challenge of learning how to fly? With an experienced instructor by her side she’ll take the controls and practise turns, banks, losing and gaining altitude. If she wants to take a few aerial shots with her camera, the instructor will happily take over for a few minutes.
  • Drag racing school – She’ll experience the g-force thrills of high performance driving and also get the chance to learn professional techniques for driving. From zero to 110 mph in a few seconds is bound to be a heart stopping memory she’ll treasure for a long time.

Stay tuned for more exciting, unusual, and if we say so ourselves, downright brilliant birthday gift ideas.