How to Honour a Special Lady with Perfect Birthday Gifts for Mom

The perfect time to show your mom how proud and thankful you are for all that she’s done is on her birthday. She’s bound to appreciate any gift that comes from her offspring, but putting in some extra effort and finding a special kind of gift will show her your love and loyalty.

When it comes to buying gifts for your mom, we’d be the first to agree that it isn’t always easy. However, if you don’t know the kind of things that will bring a smile to her face your quest for the perfect birthday gift for your mom is going to be quite a challenge. Let’s start by giving you some things to think about.

Helpful tips when choosing your mom’s birthday gifts


Birthday Gifts for Mom

  • Your mom’s preferences, lifestyle and interests are a great place to start – To find a gift that will have value think about her daily routine, her hobbies and her interests. Consider some of the recent purchases she’s made for herself as well as the items on her wish-list. If she’s recently taken up a new hobby such as keep fit, yoga, healthy eating or painting, some equipment, accessories, tools or materials that will help her are bound to be welcome.
  • Don’t make any obvious blunders – You’ll save yourself some time if you rule out the gifts that she’s never going to appreciate or use. If cooking isn’t her favourite pastime then cookware or kitchen gadgets aren’t the perfect choice. Similarly, if her favourite gemstones are red in colour then buying her an item of jewellery with blue sapphires should be avoided.
  • Think about gifts she’d buy for herself – There’s nothing inherently wrong with buying an item that she wouldn’t consider purchasing, but you’re likely to be more successful if you pick a gift she’d buy herself. Has she got a favourite perfume? Then buy her the most luxurious version you can find. A great idea is to take your mom window shopping for the afternoon and listen intently to the comments she makes.
  • Think about previous gifts she’s been given – Try and recall some of the previous occasions that have called for birthday gifts for mom and try and remember her reaction to some of the gifts she received. It’s very likely she will have received some brilliant gifts, but there will also have been some real bloopers. Have there been some gifts in the past she’s quickly made use of and have there been some gifts still gathering dust?
  • Making it a family affair may be an excellent option – Involving your other siblings in the gift giving experience will mean you can choose a more extravagant gift. If golf is a favourite pastime family members pitching in with the cost will mean you can buy her far more than just a new set of golf balls. You could probably run to a new golf bag, a few new clubs and a voucher for golfing lessons. You could possibly even book her an unforgettable vacation.
  • Personalized gifts are a thoughtful gesture – There aren’t many gifts that show how much thought you put into choosing than a personalized gift. It could be monogrammed jewellery, a charm bracelet with sentimental charms or a plaque for the wall with a heartfelt message. A personalized gift will show you put some thought into your gift and be far more meaningful than a generic gift.

Now you’ve got a few things to think about let’s look at some birthday gift ideas for your mom.

Gift ideas for your mom’s birthday

Gift ideas for your momYour mom is likely the most important female in your life so it’s only natural you want your gift to be a big thank you for all that she’s done. Her love and care has always been unconditional and have made you what you are today. Start your quest early and you won’t be forced to fall back on chocolates and flowers, because a special gift will have far more meaning.

The most precious birthday gift for mom will be your time. Take the day off from your normal routine and spend some quality time with her. To add to your day consider one of the following gift ideas for your mom’s birthday.

  • Throw a birthday party – You might consider this a little old-school but a surprise birthday party will always bring a tear to her eye. Especially if you invite friends and family she gets little opportunity to spend time with.
  • A break from kitchen duties – Think of all those years she’s tirelessly made your dinner and for her birthday bake her a cake or better still cook her a meal. You might think your culinary skills aren’t up to it but it’s about time you made the extra effort just for her.
  • A day for relaxing and pampering – Your mom’s likely a very busy person, with little time free to take good care of herself. Always rushing around and caring for other people she’d really appreciate the chance to unwind. Book her a spa day and include some relaxing treatments and she’ll feel like a queen for the day. Everybody deserves a little pampering and your mom is no exception.
  • A trip with her besties – It’s highly likely your mom hasn’t enjoyed some quality time with her friends since your dad came onto the scene. It’s all very well going on a vacation with your family but some time away with friends will be a welcome change. Talk to her friends, choose her favourite destinations and make all the arrangements such as travel and hotel bookings.
  • She’ll enjoy a good read – Books always make a great gift for the ladies. Even if she’s not an avid reader she’ll appreciate something to occupy her if she’s feeling a little bored.
  • Write her a letter – She still treasures those pieces of art or handwritten notes you brought home from school, and the handmade cards you filled with such sweet words, so this gift can be added to her collection.

Keep your eyes peeled because we’ll be sharing many more tips and offering up more suggestions and birthday gift ideas for your mom. She’s a very special lady and deserves to be treated like a queen.